Airbrush Tanning

Give your skin a Lux glow with only the best organic and naturally derived ingredients. We use Sjolie Sunless airbrush tanning solution. Each tan is customized and catered to suit your specific needs.

Your tan will glow for 7- 10 days with proper prep and after care!

Single Airbrush Session - $40


Airbrush Package - 3 for $99

( makes each tan $33)

Pre/post tan instructions are provided below to ensure you get the best airbrush experience!


  • 12-18 Hours prior to your visit - SHOWER, SHAVE/WAX and EXFOLIATE using a loofa or scrub glove. Do Not use soaps to cleanse your skin (they often leave residue that may affect the outcome of your tan) instead use your shampoo to clarify your skin.

  • Day of your airbrush tan - Please arrive with clean, shaved/waxed and exfoliated skin. 
  • NO makeup, oils, lotions or deoderant on your skin.
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, and belly piercings. Bring very lose clothing (preferable black) to wear after your airbrush tan. This is very important.
  • No clothing should be worn that sticks to the skin or the sunless tan will rub off onto your clothes. You don't want anything to come into contact with your skin for at least the first hour after the sunless tan application.
  • After your Airbrush Tanning service - Wait at least 8-10 hours before taking a shower. Eight hours is minimum. The longer you can wait to shower the better.
  • Don't touch any water within the first 4 hours of receiving the spray tan or appliying the self tan. Be very careful particularly if it is raining, washing hands or bathing children. Water will stop the DHA from processing further and will cause the sunless tan to have uneven streaks.
  • Moisturise every morning and night after the spray tan, self tan or airbrush tan. Preferably with a moisturiser that contains DHA (Dihydroxyacetone- ingredient that makes your skin tan). Spa Lux is a proud retailer Of Sjolie Sunless after care products to ensure long lasting results!
  • PRO TIP - When using a moisturizer with DHA it will act like a 'top up' for your tan and will prolong the life of your tan. If you don't have a moisturizer with DHA use a thick hydrating moisturizer twice a day.
  • Use gentle cleansers and soaps (glycerin bar is best) in the shower. Don't use body cleansers that contain any harsh ingredients for example AHAs or BHAs like Retin-A, bucolic or Salicylic acids.
  • After showers, dry gently with a towel - don't rub! Its best to pat dry.
  • Strenuous exercise should be avoided for as long as possible on the day of your service especially, before you shower. Again, the DHA will stop processing on the areas you have been sweating and this will cause an uneven sunless tan.
  • Always wear sunscreen! Your airbrush tan does not contain sunscreen. It will not protect you from the suns harmful rays!

Group/Event pricing - $200 

This is great for girls night out, bridal parties, high school dances or special group events!

*The tanning will take place at Spa Lux (inside W Salon Suites) where you will have the LUX experience! Relax in a quiet spa-like atmosphere or bring champagne, snacks and music to enjoy while waiting for your turn to tan!

**(Groups must be a minimum of 5 people - Host will receive a free tan at time of check out!)**

Cancellation policy -

Less than 24 hour notice or no show is 50% of the service due on or before next appointment. For groups of 2 or more a 48 hour cancellation is required! NO EXCEPTIONS!